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Drawings in Pencil & Sepia


Rowena Crichton-Stuart (née Meade) attributes the success of her drawings solely to her early Fine Art training at the atelier of the legendary Signorina Nerina Simi (1890-1987). Aged 17, Rowena was lucky to be one of the few art students accepted into the Florentine studio of Simi. Her unyielding demands for 'discipline before style' and 'humility before gift' were the basis of her teachings and firmly embedded in the minds of all her pupils - whether they were Picasso or Annigoni.



" Alongside my Grandmother,  Simi remains the most inspirational woman I have ever had the privilege to encounter. The strength of Simi’s desire to teach was in itself inspirational; the influence she imparted to her pupils went way beyond her skills of draughtsmanship."



Rowena, under the name of Roxy Meade, spent 22 years working as an international entertainment publicist.  She represented a catalogue of artists including: Queen, Whitney Houston, David Bowie and Lou Reed. 


Rowena has  returned to what she originally did best; drawing.






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