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Portrait sittings                                                                                   

My most essential aim before undertaking a commission is to spend sufficient time with the subject observing and learning.  An afternoon after school with a child playing at home is a good scenario whilst for an adult several hours in discussion over dinner can work well. Subsequent to the initial meeting  a 45 to 60 min. appointment is scheduled for photography (daylight only) and sketches, preferably at my home studio. 






















Presentation of finished drawings                                   


Portraits are predominately life-size, whatever the age of the sitter. The finished drawing on paper measuring approx. 18” x 24” is taped onto a temporary backing of foam board, overlaid with a heavy sheet of acid free translucent paper with the aim of protecting the drawing from any superficial scratches/ lightweight knocks whilst in transit supervised by the client from my studio. The drawings are sprayed with fixative to prevent smears / smudges on collection by the client.

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